Come to Tea! 

The members of Agora welcome all students to apply for membership. If you are interested in joining our society, you are required to partake in the process of “teaing.” Historically, Wellesley College organizations have hosted teas as a way to come together and form a community outside of the classroom. At the beginning of each semester, societies on campus host their own open houses and teas as part of the application process. During this period, prospective members are encouraged to visit all of the societies before deciding which is the best fit. 



As the political society, we discuss current political matters at our weekly meetings. Each semester we choose a specific charity that is related to our central theme for that year, and as a society, we dedicate personal time to take action in the community through fundraising, spreading awareness, hosting lectures, and providing services to those in need. Based on our commitment to turning thought into action, Agora seeks candidates who are passionate about politics as well as those willing to make a difference. Together, we work to provide a creative and positive environment that promotes teamwork alongside individual initiative. 


1. Come to our Open House. Doing so will give you a chance to meet the current members, gain a better understanding of what do, and receive more information about the society itself.


2. Attend the teas. Not only is attendance of at least two of three teas required for candidacy, attendance at these teas will also allow the members to get to know you.


3. Complete the written application and the project. Together, they will give members insight into your political passions, general interests, and creative genius. Express yourself!